Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

People who have a passion manifest it in how they live their lives.  This manifestation often comes in the form of deeds rather than words.


An example is Scott Staub.  I don’t really know Scott – just sat next to him on a plane.  But we chatted during our flight and got to talking about what we both do for a living.  Scott is Vice President of Fund Development for EMQ Children & Family Services.  His employer advocates for children to put them with good families and reunite them with their own families when practical.  It’s hard not to be impressed that someone derives their livelihood from such work.  When we chatted, we got to talking about kids and money.  Scott doesn’t have kids, but he’s active as an uncle as well as with the son of a single mom who’s a friend of his.  It’s clear that he’s a wonderful role model for these kids.  When a nephew turned 14 recently, Scott’s gift was a promise of money to the nephew as well as a donation to a charity of the nephew’s choosing on the nephew’s behalf.  And the nephew would receive his share of the money after he’d identified his charity and discussed it with his Uncle Scott. 


So here’s a man who’s part of a positive financial force through his career for many more kids than most of us parents are ever able to touch.  His work will have a huge impact on the lives of kids who desperately need it.  Outside work, the kids he has a personal relationship with can see the value of working in a profession that makes a difference in people’s lives and they get experience in how to make a difference for others in the world who need it.  In my chat with him, he wasn’t boastful about his life or critical of how other people live their lives.  He’s just doing what he feels led to do. 


If you were gone from this earth tomorrow and someone who didn’t know you was settling your financial affairs, what would they be able to see about what’s important to you?  Would they see someone who loved to eat out, had a great wine collection, and went on some fabulous trips?  Or would they see someone who supported those in need and made a positive difference in the world?  What would those who knew you tell others?  Would they comment on how big your house was and tell stories about the business adversaries you brought to their knees?  Or would they tell how you were the first person to motivate them to research a non-profit so you could make a donation?