Naughty or Nice

In flipping channels the other night I saw an entertainment show report that they’d surveyed some children to find out who would top Santa’s list of Naughty Folks.  Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were at the top.  Everyone makes mistakes and a trusted mentor once said to me, “Feel free to learn from the mistakes of others.  Don’t feel you have to have to make them all yourself.”  So rather than harp on these already over-harped-on celebs, let’s look at a few lessons we can all learn from their over publicized errors.

         Know how much you spend and be sure it’s less than you make.  No matter how large your income, expenses will grow to exceed that amount if you don’t watch out.  So be sure that you save 10% of everything that comes in, keep some extra in reserve for taxes and emergencies, and cut back your lifestyle until you can live on the rest.

         Money can’t solve all problems – especially if a courtroom is involved.  Excellent legal representation is still going to be stuck with the facts of a case and the law that governs.  And sometimes that means that a judge or jury might nor rule the way you might want them to.  (That goes for legal issues other than driving infractions and child custody.)  

         The friends and attention that money can bring are sometimes very fickle.  Some of the people who support you when you’re on top are either not to be found or they’re the ones to throw the first stone when you’re down.  The solution to this is often being a little less public about having money.  Sad, but true.

In the spirit of the season, let’s all give a clean slate to all the folks who’ve had their mistakes and mishaps make big news in 2007 and wish them well in 2008.