Using the Right Professional

Some divorces call for additional professionals beyond those I’ve previously listed.  You might need an appraiser if either spouse is involved in a private business, some collectibles, or another valuable asset.   An appraiser is often needed to value the family home.  You might need a vocational evaluator if one of the spouses hasn’t been in the work for a while.  And maybe there’s another special circumstance that calls for another professional. 


There’s a final point to remember with all professionals.  Use the right professional for each task.  Many people going through their divorce spending lots of time talking through the emotional issues of their divorce with everyone they’ve hired.  All these professionals should have compassion for your situation, but paying attorney prices to have some emotional venting isn’t a good use of your resources.  Neither is having an attorney or their legal staff to run financial reports.  All these professionals are a great help in their area of expertise – just use them accordingly.