Divorce and Emotion – Working with a Therapist

Divorce can be a huge trauma.  Many mental health professionals say that divorce is one of the most devastating events people can go through.  A support system of friends and family that can help you through is important.  But sometimes, despite all their good intentions of your personal support system, they don’t support you in the way you need to be supported.  They may tell you what you want to hear.  They might encourage you to seek revenge during the divorce proceedings or hold on to your anger.  Therapy with a professional can help anyone going through divorce who wants to truly heal and go forward. 


If you have children, divorce is a time your kids may benefit from someone to help them work through the emotional turmoil of their parents’ divorce.  You and your co-parent will want to maintain open communication with your kids and encourage them to have a good relationship with both their parents.  Therapy can help the kids with these and other issues they might need to work through as their family situation changes. 


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  1. Your post is right on. Thank you very much.

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