Are We Done Yet?

As evidenced by the amount of time since my last posting, sometimes life gets in the way of what we want to do – or at least what we say we want to do.  I do taxes for most of my clients and every year the amount of time it takes me to recover (personally and professionally) seems to get longer.  As I was mentally beating myself up about this fact, I thought how much that is often true for financial goals, too. 


Often what we need is to balance putting all our eggs in the basket we call “The Future” or the basket we might call “Right Now”.  I see lots of people who do jobs they hate and work excruciating hours so they can enjoy a rather hazy future goal that’s quite a way off.  They miss time with family and friends, don’t spend money on themselves or their loved ones now, so that some day they can live the good life.  Anyone who has had someone they care about die at an early age knows the lack of wisdom in deferring all the important things in life.  And anyone who has loved ones whose Golden Years turn out to be the Rusting Years knows that living only for today can be equally unwise.


So find the balance in your life.  Being productive doesn’t have to mean having no time for the people and experiences we enjoy.  And having fun doesn’t have to mean squandering our future.