Year End Tips – The Sequel

Cutting Spending During the Holidays

You’ve already bought gifts for everyone and now spending through the end of the year looks like the national debt.  What can you do to cut back spending until your first 2008 paycheck?

–  Eat from the pantry and the freezer.  Granted you might want to get a Holiday Ham (or Tofurkey if you’re a vegetarian), but most of us could eat from our stored food for months if we had to.  Look into the non-perishable items as well as the things in your freezer that you keep “just in case”.  Plan menus around that and only buy what you need to to finish those meals out.

–  Pay bills only when they’re due.  Many people pay a bill as soon as it comes in the mail.  Pay bills about a week before they’re due.  This gives time for the payment to arrive and avoid a late fee, but can often push it into the next pay check for you. 

–  Put off discretionary purchases.  If you can go an extra couple of weeks until the next hair cut, manicure, or poker night (unless you usually win), do it.

–  Eat at home instead of eating out.  That also means you can skip the $4 cups of coffee for a couple of weeks.


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